Communicating with students

There are several way for you to get in touch with the students:

  • sending an (immediate) email via U:SPACE
    This is a quick, GDPR-compliant way to communicate with all registered students, tutors, other lecturers, etc
  • sending email via Moodle
    Allows to communicate with registered students via Moodle; offers a 30-min window to correct messages

Getting in touch via U:SPACE

  • navigate to U:SPACE and log in using your UniVie credentials
    If you don't have these, check First Steps
  • choose Teaching --> Courses and navigate to the correct semester
  • choose the specific course and click on "Send email" (envelop) icon
  • type in your message
  • select "BCC: click here to select..." IMPORTANT: please only choose BCC (blind carbon copy) option to avoid sharing students' emails with others (for data protection reasons)
  • choose "Filter: registered..." and then "select all"
  • click "send email"

The emails will be immediately sent to all registered students and there will be a confirmation message on top of the page. You may use the same way to communicate with all lecturers (for organizational reasons) or with everyone associated with a specific course.

Getting in touch via Moodle

  • Navigate to and log in using your UniVie credentials
    If you don't have these, check First Steps
  • Navigate to the correct semester and choose the corresponding course
  • Click on "Announcements" (in German: Ankündigungen) right on top
  • Click on "Add a new topic" and type in your message
    You may click on "Advanced..." and use the rich text editor of Moodle 
  • After you post your message, Moodle will inform you that you have 30 minutes to edit it
  • 30 minutes later, all students registered to your course will receive an email with the entered message