Training Program Molecular Biology (A 794 685 490)

Duration: 3 years
Number of ECTS required: 30


1. Basic curriculum

- Priming your PhD
. VBC/RISE Lectures (mandatory tendance in every semester)
- Interdisciplinary Seminar
(mandatory attendance in every semester)
- Journal Club (mandatory attendance in every semester)q
- Work in Progress
(mandatory attendance in every semester)
- How do you do it?
(mandatory attendance in every semester)
- Expert groups
(mandatory attendance in every semester)
- Manage your PhD



2. PhD track-specific courses

- DK SMICH Research Club
- DK SMICH Work in Progress
- Recent Topics in Bioinformatics
- Recent Literature in Bioinformatics
- DK RNA Research Report & Recent Topics
- Modern Concepts in Structural Biology
- ABC-SE Research Report: Algorithms, Biomolecules & Computers

3. Elective courses



Credits can also be given for attendance at international workshops/ congresses (1 ECTS) and presentations (talks or posters) at international conferences (2 ECTS). Send a scan of attendance letters and detailed conference schedule incl. abstract to and it will be taken care of.


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