Progress reports

Once your Doctoral Thesis Agreement has been signed, you will document the progress of your thesis project by submitting Annual Progress Reports.

Write a report about the achievements of the last period and send it to your committee at least one week before your TAC meeting (TAC report form)

The form DZ.V2_Annual_Report is mandatory; it is not sufficient to send your TAC reports. You may use the TAC reports as attachment and make a note in the corresponding fields of the form.
The numbering will be as follows:
1st progress report + TAC 2 report, 2nd progress report + TAC 3 report, etc.

Again, scans of the signed reports will be sent to Gerlinde Aschauer.

NOTE: you can hand in your progress report any time, but should do so after every TAC meeting.

The Manual for Doctoral Candidates on Annual Reports will guide you through this process. It is available in English and German.