Training Program Molecular Biology (A 794 685 490, former A094 490) for non-DK PhD students

Duration: 3 years
Number of ECTS required: 30

PhD-MB 1 Advanced Basic Courses 2-6
PhD-MB 2 Advanced Methods Workshops2-4
PhD-MB 3 Lecture Series2-4
PhD-MB 4 Journal Club6-8
PhD-MB 5 Thesis Seminars / Work in Progress6-12
PhD-MB 6 Presentation & Communication Skills      0-2
PhD-MB 7 Elective Courses2-12


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PhD-MB 1 Advanced Basic Courses:
min. 2 ECTS. Credits can also be given for advanced lectures out of the Master program that you have not attended before, and specialized lectures offered by other faculties/universities.
We recommend attending these courses during the first year of your PhD.

PhD-MB 2 Advanced Methods Workshops:
min. 2 ECTS. Credits may also be given for practical lab work carried out at other institutions in order to learn new methods. We recommend attending the Methods Workshops during the first year of your PhD.

PhD-MB 3 Lecture Series:
min. 2 ECTS.

PhD-MB 4 Journal Club:
min. 6 ECTS.

PhD-MB 5 Thesis Seminars / Work in Progress:
min. 6 ECTS

PhD-MB 6 Presentation & Communication Skills:
Optional module, max. 2 ECTS.

PhD-MB 7 Elective Courses:
2-12 ECTS. Credits can also be given for attendance at international workshops/ congresses (1x2 ECTS) and presentations (talks or posters) at international conferences (4 ECTS). Send a scan of attendance letters and detailed conference schedule to and it will be taken care of.

In case you want to attend a course specific for one of the Doctoral Programs (DKs), please contact the DK manager in order to check availability.